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A Queer Men’s Body Image Process Group


Why are queer men hyper-focused on body image? Our current culture is filled with factors (objectification, social media, hook-up apps, fatphobia, family history, popular culture, ageism, etc.…) that can contribute to the dissatisfaction of not only our bodies, but also those around us.

Welcome to Swagger, a queer men’s process group to explore your relationship with your body: how you perceive it, how it is to live in it, and what it feels like to be truly seen, all while working towards nurturing peace with the body we have.

This group will strive to be a supportive collaborative environment for shame-free exploration and discovery to start valuing and validating yourself as a queer man.

What is a process group?

A process group is an experiential social learning lab for members to explore new ways of being, expressing, and relating. Members risk voicing their deepest feelings and desires while also giving and receiving feedback about how their present moment ways of interacting help them achieve their stated goals. Members expand their skill set of social tools to bring what they’ve learned in group to their relationships with the “real world.” Typical benefits include higher self-esteem, more intimacy, and more awareness of self and your impact on others.


We will explore:

  • relationship with bodies
  • gay culture & weight stigma
  • fitness and fatness
  • mental health
  • kink awareness and acceptance
  • culture around bodies


DATES and TIME: The next group is forming. Please submit your interest to join to be informed about next session.


David Romanelli, LMHC

As a therapist and proud fat gay man, this group already has a special place in my heart. I’m looking forward to making meaningful connections and helping to create a space to have authentic conversations surrounding our bodies.

Jeff Fickes, LMHCA

Everyone’s journey is uniquely their own.  Prior to being a therapist, I worked in communications for several non-profit arts organizations across the country. I’ve experienced the loss of friends due to tragic terrorist acts. My coming out was not well received in my family, and it took many years (and it’s still an ongoing process) for them to accept me and my husband for who we are. It was only through struggle, healing, and personal exploration that put me on the path to supporting individuals in nurturing their own happiness, finding connection, and discovering ways to make the most of their lives.

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