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Jeff's Story

Everyone’s journey is uniquely their own.

My name is Jeff Fickes and I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Prior to being a therapist, I worked in communications for several non-profit arts organizations across the country. I’ve experienced the loss of friends due to tragic terrorist acts. My coming out was not well received in my family, and it took many years (and it’s still an ongoing process) for them to accept me and my husband for who we are. It was only through struggle, healing, and personal exploration that put me on the path to supporting individuals in nurturing their own happiness, finding connection, and discovering ways to make the most of their lives.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA) in Washington State. My WA license number is MC61241696.

My Master’s Degree is in Applied Behavioral Science with a focus on Systems Counseling from Bastyr University. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University.

My work as counselor includes working at Compass Health in the Lynnwood Child and Family Office and as an adjunct faculty at Bastyr University. I have also pursued training and experiences in Soulcraft practices, men’s emotional work, and adolescent transitions and rites of passage.

Therapy Relationship and Practices

Therapy is intended to be a collaborative effort between client and therapist, and it may include other family members or group members depending on the nature of what is to be explored. I am a systemically oriented therapist, which means that I will seek for us both to understand you in the many contexts of your life: your family of origin, culture, work life, spiritual tradition, and other important relationships. My approach is holistic and may involve the biological, psychological, sociological, and emotional aspects of who you are.

I draw upon many approaches that may include Emotionally Focused Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Psychoeducation. My intent is to blend these into an approach that best suits you. I approach therapy like I approach life, with curiosity, dedication, and open heartedness. It is a time for discovery and assisting you in creating the life that you want. To that end, I will support you in a safe environment in which you can learn more about yourself, grow with that knowledge, while freeing yourself of old beliefs and patterns of behavior that do not serve you.

I may hold experience and theories about human health and behavior, but you hold the most important contribution to this work. You bring your expertise about yourself to share with me. The course of therapy is not linear and there are no guarantees of the outcome, but therapy can improve interpersonal relationships, improve an ability to find joy and satisfaction in life, and provide resolution. Achieving these benefits does require effort on your part through active involvement, honesty, and openness to change your thoughts, feelings and/or behavior. Things also might get worse before they get better. There might be pain or grief or shame since therapy requires uncovering core parts of the self and requires a level of self-honesty that can be uncomfortable. Each person has the capacity to heal and find their own answers. My intention is to walk beside you on this self-journey to create the life you desire.

Please note I provide neither custody evaluation recommendation nor medication/prescription recommendation nor legal advice, as these activities do not fall within my scope of practice.