Hi, I’m Jeff Fickes. Saga Life Counseling seeks to promote a positive sense of self and self-esteem with their clients. By assisting clients to lessen the experience of anxiety and worry that might inhibit enjoyment of life, Saga Life Counseling helps clients nurture happiness and discover ways to make the most of their lives. By helping clients to engage in healthy behaviors and recognize unhealthy patterns, Saga Life Counseling seeks to increase our clients’ sense of meaning and purpose in life.


Stories hold power. The stories told to us and the stories we tell ourselves. They can be instructional, revealing, sometimes harmful, but filled with endless possibilities. I have spent much of my life dwelling among the great stories and storytellers, and I find that the best stories are the ones that speak to soul to soul. Fluid and mutable, personal stories can tell us what may have happened, but do not predict the future. When we are aware of our stories, we get to determine the next chapter.

You can begin the journey by telling me your story.

I offer my services as a guide. Your story is your own and there is no one size fits all approach to the work we’ll do together. I will be a respective listener and a nurturing challenger, and together we’ll design a personalized approach for you to explore, learning all along the way to your greater potential.

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You should choose a counselor who best suits your needs and purposes, so we’ll spend some brief time together to see if we’re a good fit before proceeding to full sessions.


Through our work together we’ll determine a diagnosis to help us chart a path to better health and happiness.

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Psychotherapy isn’t a one-size fits all options. We’ll collaborate to devise a plan that works for you.

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